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It’s Been Seven Years

Seven years have gone by since I stopped this blog on the day Tes died. Now we have our Jane, I’m recuperating from the problems caused by chemo and anti-cancer drugs, and life goes on. I’m planning on reviving the blog by adding a new look, and more recipes, slowly through the year. Pictures will […]

Breaks Your Heart

The first post on this blog was the one welcoming Tes.This post is saying goodbye to a great dog.It breaks your heart.

Anna’s First Bananas – What Joy!

Mmm Sweet Potatoes

Anna’s First Skype

Anna appeared to be blown away by the whole Skype experience. Just after getting blown away over the concept of sweet potatoes existing, and getting to eat them. She knows how to enjoy her world already.

Well, this one’s over

2012 was one busy year Worked 3 jobs for the majority of it Went to North Carolina for the sweetie-pie Anna, our second grandchild’s birth Tes made it through the year, many months past their best-case projections Spent a lot of time at the UC Davis Animal Cancer Center Lost our beloved front oak tree […]

Catching Up: Part 3: Consulting Calls for a Few Office Changes

Welcome to my updated office. I’ve been working 100% remotely for quite a few years now, and really like it. My current contract is with Wellpoint, and they supply a laptop. Got a new monitor and keyboard for it over the holidays, and it’s there on the left. The computer I’ve been using for several […]

It’s a Wild Life Around Here

Lots of wildlife. Some, like a raccoon and at least 2 skunks, are living on our property, the rest just pass through. Tes is pretty used to them. Sometimes if the deer come in the yard while she’s on the porch, they ignore each other. Mostly they run off, but she’s not chasing them anymore. […]

Starting the Loofah Harvest

Two of my Loofahs were ready to pick and start drying. About half of them have turned yellow and are getting lighter in weight. Once they’re at least partially brown, are quite light in weight, and the skin feels loose— then you pick them To get a Loofah ready for drying, you rap it several […]

What’s Up around Here

My big news is I finished the Symantec (won’t be calling them Verisign anymore) part-time contract. Like most software, there were some issues, so this time it drug out a bit to get it just right for me to write the VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template). They may be asking me about another bit of […]

Guess It’s Time

Pleasant temperatures and the sun setting earlier remind me, I need to get a new quarterly pest contract.

Just Web Stuff Again

You can always count on tumblr to have the latest in imagery that pokes fun. Smirking Mitt Walking Away From Stuff is their latest group of photos showing, well, Mitt smirking while walking away. Imugr’s Dinosaurs are gay, which is why they’re extinct single image does give it a run for the money though. While […]

It’s Apparently Loofah Growing Weather

I’ve never had success with Loofah plants, though I’ve tried planting them with my gourds, off and on, for last twenty years. Issue must have been too short a season, or not enough real hot weather. First year ever they not only came up, but have been super producing. They like that the spring was […]

Random Thises and Thats

We’ve had some interesting wildlife hanging out recently. Mark’s been feeding the birds for 19 generations, and one of the outcomes besides lots of birds, is predators. This hawk has been by a few times getting some of the larger birds. He plucks them before he takes them up to a tree to eat, leaving […]

Today’s the Day!

Happy 47th Anniversary of the Signing or Medicare into Law

What a historical moment – one that many politician and special interest groups are still trying to undo. Hopefully it’ll be just as difficult for them to undo the new Health Care Reform. Something you can do today to help future leaders of tomorrow, is go to Asante Africa and donate now while the matching […]