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Catching Up: Part 4: All The Cuties

Lots of pictures of the important kiddies in our life. Jackson, Anna, Susanna, Kate and Nolan.

Catching Up: Part 2: Mom for Chanukah

Mom came up and stayed for the later-half of Chanukah. We tried out some interesting recipes, like Pesto Bread sticks, and did Glass. Mom did some great pieces. Both of my parents are talented.

Catching Up: Part 1: David here for Thanksiving

Finally getting a moment to catch my breath. It’s been a whirl-wind of multi-jobs, long hours, Tes medical, visitors, holidays… so here it goes. David is currently unemployed, and in the midst of the job hunt. Sommelier jobs at top restaurants don’;t grow on trees. The Peninsula Restaurant decided in these times they could no […]

Halloween Pictures from North Carolina

Picture of Sarah, Randall & Nolan

Nolan is still in the hospital, but doing fabulous, ahead of the curve and looks like he’ll be going home earlier than initially projected! They’re staying at the Ronald McDonald house, so they can be near him for visiting since they’re several hours from home.

Nolan Carter Blake

Nolan Carter Blake was born this morning at 9:22 EST to Randall & Sarah Blake (nee Brown) weighing in at 3lbs 14oz and 16 1/2 inches long. He was born about 9 weeks early and will need to stay in NICU for 5-7 weeks. Mother and son are doing well, Mike and Pennie are proud […]

Los Angeles Confidential Magazine, Men’s Issue

Los Angeles Confidential Magazine, Men’s Issue comes out once a year, and they make a pretty big deal about it. They have a private reception for those involved, followed by an Issue Release Celebration hosted by the cover story. This year the cover features Dennis Quaid, it’s tonight and David has an invitation that he […]

Really Cute Photos From Rachel

A little Perspective



We had a very nice visit with Dad and Barbara, including a fun dinner with Mike and Pennie. The sad note is Jenelle Grossman, and what’s happening now with her great kid, Mason. It’s a little to soon to be trying to help with whatever Mason needs, but think we should all get together later, […]

Inside Activities with the Jones’ of North Carolina

Counterpart to the outdoors pictures, these are things we did inside while visiting. The Serpentarium has birds in the lobby and a whole bunch of great snakes and alligators. We have tons of pictures of them that I’ll be sending to Jackson. The pictures of Anna out cold are how we really remember her. She […]

Outdoor Play at the Jones’ of Hampstead

A smattering of outdoor play from our visit. Indoors still to come.

Baby Girl’s and Dogs

These pictures were taken just a few days (2-4) past 34 years apart.

Rain, Children, Taxi’s and a Key System with Poor Usability

Rachel just got a new mini-van yesterday, and I know our visit made up her mind on getting one. She owned a Toyota Highlander, which could be turned into 3 rows of seats that become pretty impossible to navigate the interior when the 2nd row was car seats. This is the story of a rainy […]

Susanna on the Water Slide

Susanna on water slide from Patrick Vernon on Vimeo.

Fort Fisher Aquarium

One of the day trips we took while in North Carolina was to the Fort Fisher Aquarium, famous for their true albino alligator. There are only 30-50 of them in existence since they have to be kept out of the sun. There are many light colored alligators, but they aren’t albinos – white skin with […]