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Got Tickets?

Yes – we have tickets in and out of Rome, and so do Rachel and Bill, but with a side trip to Greece first! Planning on starting apartment arrangements next week and we have a 3 night stretch unfilled… over a weekend too! We arrive on Saturday and Rachel and Bill arrive on Tuesday. Also, […]

Rome and Pompei in 2008

Looks like Rome and Pompei in April is what we’ll be doing and were hoping to share some apartments with y’all! We’re looking at a pretty loose trip – some things we’d love to do as a group and others we know only Mark and I care to see. I’m thinking apartments can be rented […]

Update Italy April 2008

Plans have started for the trip to Italy around April 5th. I’ve written www.initaly.com for prices for the penthouse and another apartment in Campo de’ Fiori for somewhere around 10-14 days. Apartment in Rome Now’s the time to say "Yes! I’m coming" and if we need to we can rent additional apartments, if they’re available […]

Italy in 2008? Who’s On First?

OK, so here’s the story; Mark really does want to go back to Rome We’re doing east coast in 2007 We need time to plan and save up the money We were talking about it over the holidays, and Ben said he wanted to go in 2008 Barbara and Len are game to go anywhere, […]

Piazza Signoria, The Accademia and the Uffizi (Florence Part 4)

It all speaks for itself except the bit of history that not everyone knows. The David in the famous courtyard is a replica, the real David is near by inside the Accademia. You will find pictures of both here. The Accademia and Uffizi do not allow photos taken, the inside art photos are examples from […]

Mostly Shopping (Florence Part 3)

Florence is Full of street markets, street vendors, expensive shops, sorta reasonable shops, and we’ll just shop shops. San Lorenzo Market Leather Stalls   The Pig Ponte Vecchio        

Duomo and Santa Maria Del Fiori (Florence Part 2)

Our 1st trip down to Florence was unplanned, and while walking around admiring the Duomo stumbled into the Museum at Santa Maria Del Fiori where many of the Duomo treasures and relics are housed. Baptistery Doors – See the preserved panels below.     Restored Door Panels Inside Donatello – Mary   Michelangelo – Was […]

Fiesole (Florence Part 1)

We arrived into Florence on the train from Rome and caught the bus to Fiesole. 5 miles above and 400 years older than Florence, Fiesole was an ancient summer get-away from the valley below. The Villa Fiesole had a fabulous view and the walk up the hill into town was breathtaking, and a little breathless […]

St Peter’s the “Morning After” (rome part 5)


So Much More (rome part 4)

Just bits and pieces of the rest Click on the image for a larger more complete view. Cut Throughs and Alcoves Everywhere   Trajan’s Column   Teatro di Marcello V Emmanuel II   Around the corner at Piazza Navona   o   Guggenheim Exhibit    

Visit the Vatican (rome part 3)

It was Thursday April 7th, mid morning on the day before the pope’s funeral. Our guide (Susan) showed up outside our apartment to walk us over – it had been announced late the night before that no new people could stand in line to see the pope, the queue was 12-14 hours and they needed […]

Act Like Tourists (rome part 2)

Lot’s of people have been telling me that they did Rome in a day, some still say that’s all you need. In one day we did the Borghese Gallery for the allotted 2 time slot, wandered around the grounds while waiting for our slot, walked over to the Coliseum and spent a few hours there, […]

When in Rome (part 1)

Try renting an apartment instead of getting a hotel room; it makes a very interesting vacation. We stayed for a week in apartments in Campo de’Fiori – couple blocks from the Pantheon and near everything else. We arrived the day the pope died, there were people everywhere, a large polish contingent went singing down the […]