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Mis-Information is a Right

Heard a heated argument at the drugstore about trusting only Fox News. One side stated "How can you believe that when Fox won a lawsuit confirming their right to lie?" I looked it up. In February 2003 Fox won in a Florida Court on appeal with unanimous agreement that "there is no rule against distorting […]

No More Socialized Fire, Park, Library and Weather Services!

Apparently in the 60’s ad 70’s it was "common knowledge" that most crazies were radical left wingers. Movies about the times show stoned out hippies at rallies waving peace signs and hunger strikes. And violence against whalers. The 2000’s will be known as the era of radical right wing crazies. Documentaries portraying era will be […]

Health Care Fact Check Card

Heard that so many people tried to get this Fact Check card, that the government site had problems. Here it is, on my site so you’ll have no problems getting it. Keep several with you to pass out to those people who won’t read the facts themselves. Sadly, it looks like end-of-life counseling will be […]

As our COBRA goes up Another $95 a Month

—UPDATED 8/10/09 Don’t forget to check out Health Insurance Reform Reality Check—— And on the same day they send us a real un-helpful notice of expiration in a few months with a sketchy list of how we might possibly extend it through the Fed… So once again I’m looking at all the scary bullshit being […]

Please Push Your Representatives to Support Health Care Reform

The White House has published a great fact sheet on Health Insurance Consumer Protections and also has it available as a PDF. This is simply to combat all the crazy things that are being said and done out there by people representing insurance companies and rich people. What crazy things? Well how about a republican […]

Going Global Stats – How Does the US Compare?

The US is becoming more aware that the world is indeed Global. Funny it’s taken so long. Here’s a batch of interesting global statistics: From Transparency International, 2008 Corruption Perceptions Index (also as a visual map) … and their Global Corruption Barometer 2009 GeoHive Global Statistics 2009 Global Tax Misery & Reform Index from Forbes […]

The Mad Right Wingers Tea Party

Or why I can’t possibly come to your house or ever have you over to mine again. Some republicans have apparently happily jumped down the rabbit’s hole following Rush, Glen, Ann, Hannity and the rest of the far out right. Their goal? A tea party to plot over throwing the government and banning evolution, as […]

R U a Democrat that Loves Ice Cream?

Win an ActBlue Ice Cream Scoop in the ActBlue Blurb Contest. The on line Democratic Campaign and Cause Donation Site ActBlue needs help with their crappy blurb, and here are their rules: The blurb must be fewer than 50 words. It has to be fairly generic (no specific issues or names), but still get across […]

Take Part in Our Recovery

As the Obama White House picks up the reins and starts fulfilling campaign promises, all kinds of opportunities have appeared on line for; participating in town hall meetings, or submitting a question for the Taskforce meeting on the Recovery Act, Host or Attend a Pledge Project Canvass, make a donation to any campaign/candidate through Act […]

Interactive Stimulus Map of Benefits by State