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Breaks Your Heart

Tweet The first post on this blog was the one welcoming Tes. This post is saying goodbye to a great dog. It breaks your heart.

What’s Up with Tes

Tweet Tes had a tough week and ended back at UC Davis for tests and meds. Turns out she has a bad urinary track infection, had lost significant weight because she was hardly eating, and they found a new mast cell tumor on a rear mammary gland. She’s doing a little better now, they’ve doubled […]

Tes the Mess is 8

Tweet Calico Ridge Contessa La Messa, better known as Tes the Mess, turned 8 today. We’re very happy she’s still with us.

The Chemo That Didn’t Happen

Tweet Tes’ 4th chemo didn’t go quite as planned. Instead, we got there as the sun was rising at 6:45, walked the Arboretum and then she had a bunch of tests that made them decide to not do the chemo therapy this time. She’s having trouble with the medication that went down to once every […]

Chemo Number 3

Tweet After being fore-warned to expect bad news because of Kidney Disease, Tes’ labs were run twice, several hours apart and everything looked much better than previous. So much better that the word "disease" has been dropped for now. Apparently one of the medications was causing the kidney level issues, and we figured out that […]

We’ve Been Doing Some Walking

Tweet We mostly go walking in the late evening, 8ish because of how hot it’s been. Yesterday we went to the vet for some blood work and stopped for walk afterwords, around 4:45. Can you tell it was 95 degrees in the shade?

UC Davis Cancer Center: Round 2

Tweet Tes went in for her second Chemo Therapy yesterday. I allowed extra time for commute traffic, and wouldn’t you know, we got to Davis in record time. We had almost a full hour in the early morning to walk the empty Arboretum park before the heat set. We only saw a small portion of […]

Tes’ First Chemo Therapy

Tweet Tes and I ended up spending most of the day at UC Davis, which pretty much messed with my work schedule for the entire week. Not that I wouldn’t have done it if I’d known. She was back in the clinic, I was up front in reception worrying. She came out, saw me and […]

Walking the River in Meyer’s

Tweet Tes and I left early this morning and went to visit Alan in Meyer’s and walk the river with Quin. We all had a great walk for a couple of hours, and we got back before the real heat of the day struck. At 12:45 in Placerville it was 93 and it should hit […]

Tes the Mess (now with double entendre)

Tweet Tes and I spent the day yesterday at the UCDavis Veterinary Cancer Center, unfortunately they weren’t able to give us any good news. All the results were in as of this morning, and show that time is short for her. She has a 2x3cm Transitional Cell Carcinoma in the Trigone of her Urine Bladder […]

The Shaved Tes

Tweet They shaved Miss Mess for her ultrasound

Update on Tes

Tweet Tes has a bladder tumor in a bad location that is inoperable. There is some medication to slow it down, but it’s close to blocking the opening so the prognosis is not good.

Tes Animated

Tweet from the photojojo tutorial

Tes’ Holiday Photo

Tweet Took Tes to the Eldorado Dog Club Holiday Photo Session for Charity. She didn’t enjoy it. Was full of ill-behaved dogs that were pushy and had owners who didn’t attempt to control them. Pictures OK, and all money goes to PAWS. She did enjoy the photographer’s attention once we got past the unruly pack, […]

My Life is a Scheduling Nightmare; Luckily I have a Time Manager

Tweet Unfortunately she’s my dog. Turns out that Tes really likes patterns and consistency. I used to have to be up around 4:30 to be prepared for early morning tri-country meetings, but now I sometimes sleep until 5:00 or even 5:15, my additional work being later, not earlier. Tes makes sure I know that it’s […]

Changes Happening and Tes

Tweet A nod to Tes, who just turned seven. This family blog was started because I wanted a place to show off my beautiful baby. She was the first post, First Pictures of Tes. Here’s hoping for another seven years of Tes and blog posts. This weekend we continued with the pattern of old stuff […]