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Sephardic (no apples) Charoset Truffles (a frame-work)

Tweet After reading a ton of recipes online, came to realize that you can make these truffles with just about any dried fruit in the house, though Dates I consider to be the essential fruit. And for me, you can’t use the word Charoset without the words Red Wine, though several recipes left it out. […]

Dehydrated Easy Gourmet Yams with Bits of Chicken (Doggy Recipe)

Tweet After trying several different ways to do yam treats, these are #2 on Tes’ all time favorites list, and she dies while they dry all day. In case you’re wondering, Luscious Liver Cookies are #1. Tes will pass up store bought every time for these, no matter what it. If you want the simpler, […]

Fast and Easy “Customizable” Sugar Scrub

Tweet Happy Purim! Instead of Hamentaschen, it’s Sugar (with salt) Scrub – both can be a bit gritty if you’re doing the fig Hamentaschen. This scrub has quite a bit of grit, and can be used on any skin area; face, elbows, feet, hands. If your skin is sensitive, you’ll want to use "finer" products, […]

Vietnamese Baked Banana Cake – Almost…

Tweet I’d only had this cake once, and never made one — never had access to enough reasonably priced, ripe finger bananas. Decided to try one with grocery store bananas – and it turned out to be about the best banana cake I’d ever made, though not at all what Mark expected a banana cake […]

Super Easy Doggy Pumpkin Peanut Butter Bar Cookies

Tweet You know what season it is when you cook Pumpkin Fudge, Pumpkin Fritters (will post this recipe eventually) and Doggy Pumpkin Cookies all in one day, and work a full shift! These cookies are super fast, easy and contain no eggs or corn, the most common allergens. They come out soft and slightly chewy, […]

Roasted Yellow Tomato Soup for Two & The New Blender

Tweet After looking at blenders and blender combinations that did all kinds of things I’d never use, I replaced my: dead, 35 year old, bought refurbished one, with a "just enough features" KitchenAid. Tried it out on a casual batch of soup where measurements don’t really matter and cooking times vary. Don’t trust my oven […]

Very Easy, Light and Crispy Kale Chips

Tweet Another one of those recipes that doesn’t need a recipe. Easy and pretty quick, you’ll be surprised how tasty a snack they are. Take one bunch of any color (or mixed color) Kale. Tear the leaves off the stem, break into medium sizes pieces (small chip size) and wash in a spinner, if you’ve […]

A Quick Blackberry Flummery

Tweet Flummery is kind-a-sorta cross between jam and cornstarch pudding. It uses a lot less sugar than jam or jelly, cooks in a very short time, but doesn’t keep very long. The Brits have been eating it with milk for breakfast, with cream for dessert or on the side of biscuits with clotted cream for […]

Blackberry & Cream Cheese Dessert Pockets

Tweet Whenever on sale, I stock up on frozen puff pastry sheets and keep them for quick desserts when people stop by, or I have fresh picked fruit to use up that’s not enough for canning/freezing and don’t want to take the time to do my own pastry. This is an incredibly easy dessert and […]

Lidia’s Stuffed Figs Sibari-Style

Tweet Mark watched/DVR’d an Episode of Lidia’s Italy over the weekend and then went out and got figs. I found the recipe online and made them for tonight’s dessert. Put them together ahead of time to stash in the fridge until time to cook, since it’s a working day. They turned out great! If you […]

Tomato-Crab-Whatever’s-in-the-House Bisque

Tweet A lesson in how to create your own designer crab soup. This doesn’t make a large pot, but plenty to serve company as a course, "generous in amount of crab" bisque. As a main course with the amounts given it would serve 3-4 with bread/fruit served. You could easily double everything but the crab […]

Easiest Ciabatta Ever

Tweet Cooking and doing dishes are a lot harder when your sink is a large bread bowl, so I’ve been trying short cut recipes. This Ciabatta is just too easy, little ingredients, pans, etc. and tastes almost as good, and definitely good enough unless you’re a real picky bread aficionado . Ingredients 4 cups of […]

You Don’t Need to Can to Make Meyers Lemon Marmalade

Tweet Fresh picked Meyers Lemons make great marmalade, and instead of canning, I just do a light prep on the jar(s) and keep in the frig, since we eat it up plenty fast enough. These lemons came from Ben and Blevins tree, picked by Barbara before they left. Thanks everyone. Ingredients Meyers Lemons 9-15 Water […]

Tangerine and Blood Orange Cornstarch Pudding

Tweet Quick and easy to make, though a juicer is highly recommended. This version has a bit of a bite because of the amount of zest used. Cut it down to 1/3 the amount if you prefer foods that aren’t tart. Ingredients About 7 tangerines (1 cup tangerine juice) About 4 Blood Oranges (1 cup […]

Ninja Gingerbreadpeople

Tweet This recipe came from Cooking Light with a few minor adjustments. They’re going to North Carolina for the holidays along with some

How to Prepare a Fresh Pumpkin

Tweet Doing fresh pumpkins in easy. Grow/pick/buy pumpkins meant for cooking to have best flavor and results. Some people call theses "sugar pumpkins" You don’t need a real big one, you get a lot of pumpkin from a small one. Cut the pumpkin so that you have a top half and a bottom half Fish […]