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Bailey Island Movies I’ve Uploaded to YouTube

This is finally the last of the wedding festivities, Flip movies posted on YouTube. I’ve also loaded a few additional photos to Facebook and Harold has posted some already from the on-going honeymoon. I have lots of other movies, photos and a slideshow from the photos, all on DVD for anyone who’s interested. Just drop […]

Memorable Moments on Bailey Island (part 6)

Every family gathering has stories that get repeated through the following years. Someone did something, or some event lead to another that someone reacted to. At large gatherings lots of stories surface in the following weeks. I think Bill Jones, bless his heart, supplied me with the story of the occasion, and I welcome you […]

Partying on Bailey Island (part 5)

Kay and Harold’s Wedding (part 4)

The wedding and reception was held at Library Hall on Bailey’s Island, a few blocks from where we stayed. According to the Harpswell Anchor, it was designed by architects Horace Mann and Perry MacNeille, and is a miniature Mt. Vernon. In 2008 the building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. And yes, […]

Rehearsal Lobster Bake at Diana’s on Bailey Island (part 3)

With lots of family, just about everyone helped in the digging, gathering of stones and seaweed, building the fire, and layering in the potatoes, corn, lobster, clams, hot dogs and the timer eggs (and alternated using the Kayak’s). Diana and George’s place was the perfect spot and everyone had a blast. Before the end was […]

Site Seeing on Bailey Island (Part 2)

We went to Land’s End gift shop and walked the point, then over to the Giant Steps, which you see Bill hanging off of below. Mark and Steven took the little boat around to Diana’s house going under the old bridge they are restoring and the temporary bridge they’re using now. The bridge is called […]

Bailey Island Wedding (part 1)

Steve picked us up at the Portland Airport and we stopped by Kay’s, Julia’s and the Realtor on the way to Bailey Island. Really enjoyed the Manderly House, it was located blocks from different things we were doing. We all had a great meal of Shrimp Curry that Harold whipped up. The second day a […]

OK – Tentatively on the Calendar for Maine

I have added to my Google Calendar and entry for a July trip to Maine for Kay’s wedding. She has a point, if I don’t go for her wedding when would I ever go? She’s been asking for like 20 years… Note the tentative. I can’t look at tickets or firm dates until we have […]

Congratulations Kay & Harold

They’ll be getting married in July of this year in Maine. Apparently Julia and Ronnies engagement spurred them on, and now they’ll beat them to the altar. No long engagement here! Possibilities are under discussion…