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Catching Up: Part 2: Mom for Chanukah

Tweet Mom came up and stayed for the later-half of Chanukah. We tried out some interesting recipes, like Pesto Bread sticks, and did Glass. Mom did some great pieces. Both of my parents are talented.

Catching Up: Part 1: David here for Thanksiving

Tweet Finally getting a moment to catch my breath. It’s been a whirl-wind of multi-jobs, long hours, Tes medical, visitors, holidays… so here it goes. David is currently unemployed, and in the midst of the job hunt. Sommelier jobs at top restaurants don';t grow on trees. The Peninsula Restaurant decided in these times they could […]

Various Family Cuties Doing Their Holiday Things

Tweet Thanks for sending your photos so all of us get to enjoy them

6°.org – Another Way to Give for the Holidays

Tweet Another way to give this year is with the Good Cards from six-degrees.org, sponsored partly by Kevin Bacon through the Pepsi Refresh project, it’s a cute alternative. As their promo says "it’s a gift card with stored value that can be redeemed as a donation to any of more than 1.2 million charities. Send […]

Hope, The Perfect Gift!

Tweet Still looking for the perfect gift for the person who has everything? Try the updated widget in the right hand column by clicking on HOPE, the perfect gift. Honor your hard to buy for relative by giving a gift in their name to feed families facing hunger across America through Feeding America. You’ll get […]

Visiting Season

Tweet For visiting season, mom came here for a Chanukah/extended weekend and we had a great time. We shopped for Jackson and Rachel, visited several galleries, ate incredibly well, did Cloverdale Arts Alliance web stuff, and tried out the Wii (fit). We made Mark’s B-day (Thanksgiving) into a very short, but nice and convenient Visiting […]

Just for Thanksgiving

Tweet Let’s make sure everyone has a meal to be thankful over. A new link has been added to the Feeding America widget (to the right) for donating just for Thanksgiving meals. Or volunteer at your local food bank to help serve, bring the kids and teach them that giving feels great! If you live […]

Halloween is Coming

Tweet I adore Halloween stuff like Count Ketchup Spread Head. Who can resist a grinning cartoon vampire dripping ketchup? Perpetual Child this year has great items like Blood Bath Shower Gel, Fingerstaches, and the Zombie Magnet Poetry Kit. Gumps has some great stuff too, like this Snow Globe, and Dracula Serving Set. Really like their […]

Happy Nelson Mandela International Day


New Years Resolutions Anyone?

Tweet I haven’t made any resolutions for several years, so figured I’d motivate myself with a couple for this coming year, hopefully ones I can keep. Thanks to the same people who brought us the Flow Chart of Using an Apostrophe, my first resolution is to not misuse/misspell these 10 words in 2010 (which I’ve […]

Christmas 2009


Last Minute Gift Giving

Tweet It’s the last push for holiday gifts and I thought I’d join the crowd offering gift suggestions with links. Have a handicapped significant other? One of my favorite people representing accessibility issues is Glenda Watson Hyatt, known in the publishing world as the Left Thumb Blogger. On her blog she posted an excellent article […]

Some Thanksgiving Photos from Wrightsville Beach


Time to Think of Others

Tweet It’s the time of year to think of others, or to add a little extra to your yearly giving. As temperatures drops, crops go dormant, and the "giving season" approaches, there are thousands of ways you can help out. Think Local Donate or volunteer at your local food bank. It’s a very satisfying way […]

Happy Square Root Day

Tweet Nine times a century Square Root Day is celebrated and today it’s 3/3/09 (3 is sq rt of 9). It’ll next be celebrated on 4/4/16. First celebrated on 9/9/81, you can find interesting factoids and suggested ways to celebrate on Wikipedia.

Renew America Together is January 19th

Tweet Tomorrow is an historic day. It’s Martin Luther King Day, the eve of a great inauguration, and it’s the official day to Renew America Together. Renew America Together is part of the ongoing commitment we all made to help America starting in our own communities when we elected Obama. It’s about bringing much needed […]