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Another posting on opinions and other stuff on the web

Starting with a few political opinion pieces, since a lot of election retrospects have been going on, the Frank Rich piece in New York Magazine Fantasyland, Denial has poisoned the GOP and threatens the rest of the country too is a very partisan piece, that still manages to hit some interesting points. Media matters looks […]

Just Web Stuff Again

You can always count on tumblr to have the latest in imagery that pokes fun. Smirking Mitt Walking Away From Stuff is their latest group of photos showing, well, Mitt smirking while walking away. Imugr’s Dinosaurs are gay, which is why they’re extinct single image does give it a run for the money though. While […]

Reading on the Web

Why Women Still Can’t Have It All 2050 – Will the Earth be a better or a worse place halfway through the 21st century? We put the question to five world-watchers. CEO Of Internet Provider Sonic.net: We Delete User Logs After Two Weeks. Your Internet Provider Should, Too. After Rio, we know. Governments have given […]

Web Services for Everything

Just Stuff on the Web

The guys from Mythbusters talk about Under Your Skin: The First Sub-Dermal Implants Get Tested. Yep, you read that correctly. Devices you can’t drop. They talk to the researchers exploring the feasibility of interacting with implanted devices, and it looks very promising, though not as nice as an artistic tattoo. If you’re not comfortable with […]

It Takes All Kinds, and they’re all on the web

I spend time at The Oatmeal couple times a month. Was contemplating the AtheistCartoons.com. Some interesting points of view that are funny, but they aren’t… and remind me of several people. Ones like: gotcha! and the other ground zero. Pretty sure this video is one of the scariest things I’ve seen in a long time. […]

Siblings on the Web

Was talking to Steve about his "in the works" band site and I wondered… discounting social sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Google+, Twitter, etc.) —how many times can I find my siblings through Google in the first couple of pages of results. Started with Fox Vernon, because I’ve assisted minutely on several of his and knew […]

Happy April Fool’s Day – A Few Web Examples :)

One.org: Can you imagine a world without kitten videos on YouTube? I can’t. Google Earth does old video game 8bit look (use the little square to right of any map) Mashable claims Conan O’Brien bought them out (see home page too) Think Geek offers Hungry Hippo for the iPad

Take a Break and Play Around with Some Web Thingys

Nothing like being able to monitor a flight in the US air at FlightAware.com Live. Course you can also plan a flight and really see the path it takes. Want to fly to Oklahoma but don’t want to fly over Texas? Check out those flight paths. Test your knowledge in the video quiz wiht Melissa […]

it’s a crazy ass world we survive in

One of the best tools for the blind (and people with other disabilities) is the free NVDA screen reader. I use it a lot in my testing for 508 compliancy, and recommend it to developers for testing. There isn’t another great free reader out there and competitors like JAWS cost from $895-1,095. Yet today, their […]

Shared Visuals

The City of Samba Time lapse Cleverly Photoshopped Print Ads Yo Momma Jokes For Graphic Designers Colors of Spring: Color Palettes from Spring Flowers and Foliage Muppets – A Different View Why I’d Rather be Punched in the Testicles than Call Customer Service aeroplastics contempory Maunsell Army Sea Forts The Nine Eyes of Google’s Street […]

Reporting & Opinion-nation

The statistic that truly blows me away is that in Tennessee, only 33% of GOP primary voters think Barack Obama was born in the United States! A by-product of the drop in education, the refusal of so many to accept facts as facts (trumping them with opinions and very old religious teachings), and the purposefully […]

Latest Web Communities, Blogs and Other Stuff that Grabs Me

Brandyscrafts is a blog with a lot of cute craft ideas to do with kids. This post on making colorful home-made rock-candy (a seven day project) is one of those things you can start when the kiddies visit and they can check it out when they come back next week. There’s plenty of recipes for […]

Interesting World We Live In

Information technology, instant connectivity, opinion overload, misinformation purposeful or snow-balled through social networking. Cook this, wear that, decorate this why don’t ya?, all thrown at you before the screen refreshes and moves on leaving you "so last minute". Some things stick, catch me enough to read in entirety, maybe even make it to a temporary […]

Just Stuff on the Web

Have to say I just loved this post about the dog who drives; Dog Takes Double-Decker Bus For A Spin. His owner says he’s going to change that break to make it harder… VroomGirls.com seems to be the only car site specifically targeting women. Car kits, kid schlepping, you name it, it’s here. I do […]

World Usability Day

Every day, thousands of new sites pop-up online. Many are opinions or talking points that really only have value in the moment, just like web site ad campaigns. Others are looking for new angles to bring users in to ultimately sell something or make money off the visits. Tons of them are political and/or religious […]