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Tumbling a Way

Tweet Mark cranked up the tumbler/polisher and ran the back-log of bronze and copper pieces through it. We’re using various sizes and shapes of mixed shot in it, and they are coming out fabulous. The patina stays in the low spots and the new jewelry lacquer is quick drying, self leveling and turns out lovely. […]

What Mark Did This Weekend

Tweet Hammered, heated, pickled, shaped, patinaed, steel-wooled — Copper & Silver bracelets.

Now is the Time to Buy a Yellowman Painting

Tweet Yellowman (Bennie Nelson) is now selling his paintings directly, since his association with Kiva Gallery has ended. This is a great chance to buy one of his paintings at a discount, direct from the artist. And they come with the story of the painting. We couldn’t resist and luckily he has some smaller ones, […]

ain’t they pretty?

Tweet Putting product away for later sale. We have about twice this much so far, the other half being slightly larger art glass pieces. They look very different when they’re on top of the red paper compared to being held in the sunlight or being set on black paper. Most have dichroic glass in them, […]

Glass is Fun


Long days, and then there’s Glass

Tweet In the past, one or both of us have been off an extended period in the winter. Many reasons from the way they do their budgets, to clients not wanting contractors during holidays times when less employees are available to optimize the contractors output. Whatever. So being a doomsday crier I prepped for the […]

Another weekend, another glass test, another batch of resin thingys

Tweet Been putting together more of the resin hanging thingys, had filled all of Mark’s current copper holders, so poured them all today. Pouring is the hardest part, now they just have to sit a day or so.

Glass, 1st Kiln Test

Tweet Couple months back we attended a basic glass class to learn the new materials and techniques of fusing/slumping, after all, we do have a kiln and metals aren’t cheap. It’d been over 35 years since doing glass work, and then it was supervised and very basic. We both admire, and sometimes can’t resist buying […]

Surfing Art on the Web

Tweet I’m real excited about the Google Museum Project an the incredible list of museums you can virtually tour. Using the same technology and controls as Google street maps, where you can navigate through museums, like my favorite, the Ufitzi (they don’t allow cameras inside). In the initial navigation of the works the resolution/quality isn’t […]

Some of the Pieces from About Face Healdsburg Show


Our Art

Tweet Quickly put up an "Our Art" page to show some of the variety of things we’ve done. We’re still adding photos and adjusting – just so we’d have something to tell people to go see. Check it out, be warned, it’s a slow load with all those images!

About Face, Here We Come

Tweet They did the jurying this morning for the About Face show at the Healdsburg Center For The Arts, and it seems that both Mark and I made it through the selection process and are part of the show. We’ll be at the Artists Reception on October 8th at 5pm, the show runs October 6th […]

About Face

Tweet Went to Cloverdale on Saturday and left our submissions for the About Face juried mask show at the Healdsburg Center for the Arts with mom. She’ll be taking them in on the 29th and then they’ll select the pieces for the show the next day. We’ll see if either of our submissions get chosen. […]

Finished Product

Tweet As promised here are a few of Mark’s finished necklaces with bronze pendants. They combine materials like glass beads, bronze spacers, fresh water pearls… He’s been doing more casting and has some ones with nice added touches in progress currently like a new bronze claw bead he’s cast several of for spacers.

Plaster Work



Tweet For the last 10 years or more I’ve been watching the auctions, Craig’s List, galleries, and using Google Alerts, for a reasonably priced Heinie Hartwig painting with at least one tee-pee in it. I saw one in person a long time ago and was totally taken with it. Needless to say, an affordable one […]