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Cooking Light is having another contest, this one must include something form their list of specific sponsor products in the ingredients. Otherwise it can be any type/style. I like entering their contests because I’ve actually won an Amazon gift certificate, and enjoy sending out my recipes. Submitted a version of Grandma Irene’s Lima Beans & Short Ribs, but with chicken sausage and other lite/flavor changes that I’d been working on. Go ahead and enter, you might win something.

I like going to and seeing all the upcoming product suggestions, voting on the one I like, making improvement suggestions. I even submit product names and taglines sometimes. Today is the kick-off of Compost-Apalooza, an effort to create the ultimate composting product from design to manufacture in one month. They have some great links to bring you up to speed with the latest in composting, all in the name of a better product/design. Have an idea for a compost product? Want to help the engineering, design the packaging, come up with a catchy byline, create a logo? Even if you don’t care about composting, you can still submit/participate in other products. You get a % if any of your ideas/designs are selected.

Jes in Pose Adobe Creative Suite 5 is out and it has so many great features and innovations I’m stoked. I didn’t get CS4, stuck with the full Master CS3 Suite, but will need 5 (web or design premium would do) if I want to keep working the design field a few more years. I’ve already been asked about it in an interview for a remote position. Unfortunately, Adobe products are about as expensive as they get, so I’ll be dreaming/surfing/reading about CS5 for now. If you get a copy, you have to invite me over.

Disability Scoops article asks the question Can Disability be sexy? Jes Sachse is a slightly out of shape college student, but unlike me, she has an excuse. A disfiguring disease called Freeman-Sheldon syndrome. Jes is portrayed in series of photos spoofing the provocative American Apparel commercials we’ve all seen. Shot by a friend for an undergrad class, Holly Norris, it’s interesting to see the statement they’re trying to make. See her full photo gallery on Jes, American Able.

I’m now convinced that I’ll be getting the next generation of iPad. It uses the same design principles/applications as the iPhone and according to a post at Glenda’s site, The iPad as an Affordable Communicator: Initial Review, it’s highly accessible for people with Cerebral Palsy. Read how she tested it and freed her to communicate in new ways. According to iPad Assistive Technology/Disability Round-Up, it’s also so for the site and hearing impaired, and more.

It’s been proven over and over that you can find anything on the internet. Any point of view, bizarre story or shouldn’t exist product such as those found on the Tampoon Crafts site. After this I’m going back to reading about how the Liberal Media is responsible for terrorism.

This is a great article by Mark Lilla posted on the New York Review of Books. "The Tea Party Jacobins" builds the argument that we’re not at the start of a conservative counterrevolution, but trending again through the the politics of the libertarian mob.

A recent post on the skeptics dictionary is the on on Clever Irrationality and how being clever doesn’t mean you’re being rational or logical. An interesting look from those who believe in facts on those who believe in harmonious belief. In doing some self searching, guess I’m a bit of both, but mostly a fact kinda gal.

This article on Mashable is really meant for blog and content writers, but is something for us all to remember. 7 Great Principles for Dealing with Haters is on dealing with negativity online, something we see in posts, videos, comments, blaster emails, you name it. Short and sweet with great quotes dividing the 7 sections. Stay hate-free out there.

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