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Recently stumbled across the blog Margaret and Helen and their recent post "100 Grand Bore" had me laughing out loud. A great blog.

Used to read Little Green Footballs to get a feel for the arguments of the "other side", when they still argued rationally. Now I read it to hear that there’ still rational Republicans that I can sometimes agree with and other times actually argue with!

Like Mom, Like Dad has been a bit of an inspiration. Plan to go through old photos and take with us to North Carolina for the Winter Holiday, and see if we can do some re-creating.

The review site of the Obama’s Achievements Center helps put a perspective on what’s been happening and how things are improving. A needed read in today’s tough times, and helps erase the doldrums.

7 Gadgets combs the web for new gadgets and it’s just plain fun to see what people have some up with and are selling out there. I’m drawn to several of the items, like the Bed of Nails Mat, The Shower Curtain for Pictures, the new take on the old Lava Lamp.

After passing this NY Times article on What Is It About 20-Somethings? around to several friends and family members, figured I go ahead and post it. Interesting and resembles a lot of people we know!

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