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Been bookmarking a few interesting things to share, like for you Gmail users, here’s a great how-to for all levels of users in their Become a Gmail Ninja tips posting by Google. I’m somewhere in-between Green Belt and Black Belt, but hope to be a full Black Belt soon, then on to becoming a Gmail Master.

Kicker Tea Tumbler

I just love this video link that Adam shared, We Are Screen Printers, Ode to Screen Printing – the people behind your t-shirts, let’s have a moment of thanks for all their tireless work. Speaking of videos, this little animated .gif has been pretty viral on Twitter for a while, people are writing captions like "It’s just not fair how hard it is to hit someone now…" No clue who the original poster was since they’re all filming it. No You Don’t!

This is a study on product development/user experience, and the product, The Kicker Tumbler is one cool concept. Wish they were selling them.

Here’s a project I’m watching with a lot of interest. It’s Al Gore’s latest, The Climate Reality Program. Whether you like/dislike Gore doesn’t matter, he’s just one of many many people involved and the point is spelled out in their by-line, "What can change in a day? Everything." It’s a one day event taking place worldwide on September 14th to talk about the truth, it’s consequences and what everyone can do. Don’t miss it – you can participate anywhere.

Goldberg Photo Machine

I’ve always loved Rube Goldberg type inventions, and this Photo Gear Rube Goldberg Machine is one of the best yet. It’s a link you’ll be passing on to all your Goldberg-fan/photography-buff friends.

Recently stumbled on to the site TheManyFacesOf, and can’t believe what a fabulous job they’ve done. Just gaa-gaa over the Alan Rickman page and can’t wait to see what famous character they do next. There’s four of them now, and all worth the time pondering over, and the wallpapers on the info page, well, what can I say other than Alan is currently gracing my desktop. Just love him.

If you’re new to Google+, haven’t started using it, don’t know what it is, it’s Google’s social network and this presnetation, Visual Guide to Circles is a great place to start. Even if you’re not interested, the video clip in slice 3 is worth watching for a little giggle. If you’d like to start using it, but don’t have an invite, drop me a line and I’ll send you one. I’m a newbie, so we’d be starting together.

I love architecture, and I love color, so what could be more enticing than this post on 10 Colour-Inspired Buildings to Light up Your Day. They’re really quite fabulous.

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