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Mark Sushi Plate

Mark's Class Sample: Sushi Plate

Couple months back we attended a basic glass class to learn the new materials and techniques of fusing/slumping, after all, we do have a kiln and metals aren’t cheap. It’d been over 35 years since doing glass work, and then it was supervised and very basic. We both admire, and sometimes can’t resist buying art glass, or "letting" dad and Barbara buy us a piece.

The piece shown is Mark’s class example, slumped as a sushi plate. Mine is a gift, so I’m not showing it.

So we got some basics, glass in different colors, and glass products like frit (small chunks or almost ground glass, depending on the type), noodles (long thin pieces like fettuccine), strings (like noodles but round, and smaller diameter) and rods. Then started playing.

Yesterday we put together a sample piece of glass, coated the shelves of the kiln, wrote out a glass schedule, programmed the kiln, and tried it out. You program in a set of ramp up or down speeds and temperatures. A string of these, with hold time in between, are a "program" or a complete cycle for glass fusion. It takes most of a day, though normally we’d have several pieces fusing. We started with a fuse that’s more a tacking than a complete fuse, have to learn what the output is for all the different types of temperatures and sequences. We’ll try slumping it next.

Ready to Start Opening the Kiln Our First Fuse

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