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This post has a lot of my strong feelings on Climate Change and how the entire world should be participating in measures to ensure a future that isn’t marked by the extremes of climate gone awry. It’s a subject I feel very strongly about, and the only thing I completely agree with progressives on.

A partisan piece, but on a topic I believe that anyone isn’t on board with is a denialist. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue, it should be something we’re dealing with as a country. Republican candidates, global warming, evolution, and reality is a short piece with some very good reading in it’s links, like Chris Mooney’s piece On Global Warming, the Tea Party is Worse than the GOP which looks at a public opinion poll that separates out the Tea Party. Some pretty shocking high % of TP’s denying the facts, and believing they’re better informed than any other group, and therefore need no further evidence.

This wrap-up of the global indicators and the bunk being expounded, again from a progressive web site (they at least do get climate change right) is a great follow-up piece. "There is no proof of climate change" uses charts and quotes to paint and accurate picture of subterfuge for political gain.

If you missed the Times piece on What the Left Doesn’t Understand About Obama, take a moment and read it. I feel pretty strongly that the progressives, who I support on a few topics, are wrong in their knocking of Obama, saying he could’ve done more. What world are they living in? Support the president, let your voices be heard on the things that are important to you, and then move on. It’s the same thing I wish the Tea Partiers would do, who I have found a few topics I agree with are issue, but haven’t found their solutions supportable. Let go of what’s done, look at the half that’s full and strive toward your next goal using reasoned arguments. Don’t fight dirty, don’t use name calling, don’t use fear tactics and be willing to compromise. I have to do it everyday with clients.

Eugene Robinson’s piece in the Post, In a cloud over ozone takes apart the arguments that "protecting the environment inevitably means sacrificing jobs", and lays a good foundation to a great concluding line, "We don’t have to choose between jobs and health. History demonstrates we can have both. ".

I watched the speeches on the field for the Flight 93 Memorial online today. President Clinton reaffirmed my belief that he is on of the greatest orators of our time. I’ve heard him speak for his foundation, for health care reform and other issues he cares deeply about, and his ones while in office. Every speech shows a different facet and depth of his oratory skills. Today’s speech was moving and connected with me.

Touching briefly on 911, which everyone is covering or taking advantage of to death, the NY Times comment thread Where Were You on Sept. 11, 2001? had over 28,000 posts that are worth browsing – it’s a real slice of America.

…and the Last 9-11 piece I’ll mention is What have I learned from 9/11? You can’t label away the rest of the world, by Michael Mirasol – a Filipino with an interesting perspective.

If you aren’t familiar with FireDogLake, they’re a progressive news site that I first stumbled on because of their Just Say Now marijuana campaign. Some of the things they write about really makes you take a look at some of our crime definitions in the cyber world. The Idea That DoS Attacks Against WikiLeaks are War Crimes is a piece that is strictly asking questions that should be asked, not supplying solutions. I’m not on board with a lot of their opinions and causes, but some are worth looking into further or taking part in.

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