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Mad Mikes America: Obama on Mars

Mad Mikes America: Obama on Mars

Information technology, instant connectivity, opinion overload, misinformation purposeful or snow-balled through social networking. Cook this, wear that, decorate this why don’t ya?, all thrown at you before the screen refreshes and moves on leaving you "so last minute". Some things stick, catch me enough to read in entirety, maybe even make it to a temporary book mark.

MadMike’s is always good at highlighting the silly, and the quick piece on Barack Obama time travels to Mars and other weird stuff, really shows a side of 2011 that MSNBC just doesn’t give you. But my favorite piece is the plea to the media in, Surging Santorum. Like most instantly connected people, I too chuckle over these turns of phrase.

This piece came out a few days after Mark and I had this conversation about how nothing on her ever moves. Newt Gingrich’s Wife Callista’s Prissy Style Problem. Wasn’t sure why it bothered us, but it really stood out. This is one take on what her lacquered look might be saying.

Having had several hundred tech interviews, I’ve been asked a lot of odd questions. Ones ranging from "who do you follow on Twitter" to "What’s the most unique question you’ve been asked in an interview, and how did you answer it?" So I enjoyed The 9 Oddest Job Interview Questions Asked at Tech Companies in 2011. If you like them, be sure to follow the link to the top 25.

For those of us who worry that maybe it’s all just paranoia on our part, apparently we’re not alone. NPR’s Congress Really Is As Bad As You Think, Scholars Say, really brought out the posters. Do browse through the hundreds of comments! The quotes are flying as well as a little name calling and opinion expressing.

This little post, with it’s few comments cracked me up for two reasons. It’s humor that comes close to the line, and because it was in a newsletter that treated it like it was fact. I offer you… Local Wal-Mart Apologizes for Accidentally Carrying Hanukkah Wrapping Paper. And for a little extra comedy, The 10 Craziest Economic Policy Ideas Of 2011, brought to you by Think Progress and the Republican elected officials/nominees.

It was a momentous moment that pretty much went unnoticed by the media. NASA Grail probes circling the moon on New Year’s Day. They are mapping the moons gravity with a pair of probes, trying to see which theories on why the moon is lopsided are correct. I’m betting on the two moon collision. Some other great posts are also linked to.

Find your lost camera by it’s film. Stolen Camera Finder uses the serial number stored in your photo to search the web for photos taken with the same camera. Really. With a growing index. Just something to keep in mind, just in case.

Surfing this blog, you’ll see that I have a strong opinion on Global Warming and how we should be acting now. Think Progress has another compelling article with great graphics debunking again a lot of the nonsense out there. Sorry, Deniers, Study of "True Global Warming Signal " Finds "Remarkably Steady " Rate of Manmade Warming Since 1979.


The paradox of technology

One of my favorite comic frames this year is from a specialty site on usability. The article is The paradox of technology and 5 ways to avoid it. The cartoon is shown to the left.

I look at a lot of web pages from all over the world. There are some incredibly fun things being done, even on ordinary business pages. This BBVA GlobalNet "Team" page has been made entertaining. Run your cursor over the people and you’ll see it.

And now for something warm and fuzzy. It’s the story of an elk and a marmot, Elk Stuns Idaho zookeepers. The big guy has a heart, or doesn’t want marmot in his water.

A not so funny info-graphic, but interesting it what it depicts How Riot Gear Has Changed Over the Years. This is the re-printing version (original NY Times is linked there) from Picked this one because of the comments it drew.

One last info-graphic. The Mega Companies Behind 90% Of Media, it says it all.

And finally, the most impressive article and recipe I’ve ever seen for potato latkes comes from a food editor at Bon Appetite. The No-Fail Guide to Perfect Hanukkah Latkes is sub-titled "How to Make 400 Latkes"! It’s a great recipe read, if you’re into reading recipes…

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