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NVDA Screen Reader

NVDA Screen Reader

One of the best tools for the blind (and people with other disabilities) is the free NVDA screen reader. I use it a lot in my testing for 508 compliancy, and recommend it to developers for testing. There isn’t another great free reader out there and competitors like JAWS cost from $895-1,095. Yet today, their team is crying for donations and no big corporation or organization is stepping up. So if you can spare a few bucks, drop by their Donation page and help a whole lot of people. They may be located in Australia, but they’re helping the world. $1.07US =@ $1AUS

Finally released documents are being opened in the investigation of that viral group NOM, and it doesn’t look good. The Truth Wins Out has a great post on the scary things their finding. Apparently their strategy was to use race baiting, and they apparently spelled it all out. Isn’t that sweet. No wonder they fought so hard to keep their damning documents private. No one is surprised. Think Progress in a short post, points out that their statements on race, also confirm what is said in their newly released documents on turning the tables – using people of color as spokespeople and using the language of "civil rights" as a catalyst for division. Shame on them.

A new drug has reached human safety testing that actually shrinks tumors for multiple types of cancers. has an article about the results on mice and where it goes from here. They’re stating that it is working on "every single human primary tumor that we tested… the antibody can either cure the tumor or slow its growth and prevent metastasis". Since Rachel’s company, PPD, does do this kind of testing as well as human trials, I’m betting they’re going to be involved. Rachel, unfortunately, will never confirm or deny it.

Doonesbury day 2 final panel

doonesbury day 2 final panel

Politics and the brain is what the new, left leaning book The Righteous Mind is focused on, and the concept is well explained in the NY Times review Why Won’t They Listen?. I hear that phrase a lot from my Democrat and Libertarian friends. My republican friends, I’ll point out, have a different take. Or &#34Why Don’t They Get It" or even &#34are they stupid". According to this review, no, they aren’t stupid or not getting it. They’re just like us, and respond to things through their "Moral Code" and then later the mind rationalizes a justification. It’s similar to the filter we all see our past through. It enables us to remember something completely different from someone else who was there, because it fits in with what we believe. He goes on to point out that there are some things liberals are better at, and some things that conservatives are better at, and why. An interesting read, even if I "don’t buy it all", I may buy the book.

This review of the book A Short History of Progress, has me intrigued with the concept of a tradition of human waste and pattern of ecological abuse that has toppled civilizations in the past, and ours is fast approaching. As an analyst/designer/developer, I use patterns every day in my work, and they fascinate me. Not sure about the tie ins to terrorism, and the review is over-the-top, but I’ll be looking for a digital copy at the library, since it’s been out a while.

If it was banned in your local paper, or you just missed it, The Banned Doonesbury Abortion Cartoon is running on line. Don’t read it just to see how he addresses the transvaginal probes, reading the comments associated with each post on is a fascinating window into a subject that ignites strong responses. This is a relevant slice of what America is becoming – read it and you’ll get a grasp of the anger, fears, emotions and righteousness tied into this.

Today it’s hard not to be bombarded with Christianity and their version of God. It’s on the news, in the political campaigns, in the House, on billboards, they seem to want everyone to be bombarded by their obnoxious marketing 24×7. So here is a nice quite Jewish definition of The Nature of G-d. Stumbled across it when in a discussion of how to write "God" on a web site, posted on Twitter, that sparked our own conversation among our diverse team.

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