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listening to the summer songs

listening to the summer songs

Yellowman (Bennie Nelson) is now selling his paintings directly, since his association with Kiva Gallery has ended. This is a great chance to buy one of his paintings at a discount, direct from the artist. And they come with the story of the painting. We couldn’t resist and luckily he has some smaller ones, since we’re really short on room! This one is called "Listening to the Summer Songs".

If you’ve been to my house, you’ve seen his work, and will instantly recognize the focal image in his Ask Art Profile as a Dog Warrior, like in our large painting The Gathering. Sure wish they’d correct the spelling on his name at Ask Art.

You can read more about him and see his art on his Fine Art site, including current paintings available for sale and a great t-shirt – that some of you got for the winter holiday last year. Send him an email, if your interested, he’s very nice and easy to deal with.

For now, I’ve put my new Yellowman on my dresser. That’s right. He bumped the Dirk Smit! Enough said.

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