Share First Pictures of Tes

Finally getting some pictures up for all of you who keep asking….but first, the facts.

Tes was born on 10/2/2004 and was picked up from the breeder on Saturday December 4th. She’s a Rhodesian Ridgeback and is already over 20 lbs. She comes from the breeder Calico Ridge, one of the first US breeders and the producer of many famous dogs and lines.

If you had the pleasure of meeting Dayo, the most noticable diference is size. Tes will be smaller. Below is a picture of her mom, who is definetly smaller then Dayo was, and a picture of Tes at the kennel with another Ridgeback female (again smaller then Dayo was) known as Bad Dog joey.


Tes is what’s known as wheaten in color. She is a pet quality puppy because she was born with something a Dermoid Sinus and had to have surgery to fix it. Once any kind of surgery is performed on a pup, it can’t be a show dog (which we didn’t want) so she fits us perfectly.


She’s a challenge, and sure adds a new dimension to our lives!


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