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mitt smirking

You can always count on tumblr to have the latest in imagery that pokes fun. Smirking Mitt Walking Away From Stuff is their latest group of photos showing, well, Mitt smirking while walking away.

Imugr’s Dinosaurs are gay, which is why they’re extinct single image does give it a run for the money though.

While waiting to order your new iPhone, you might think about downloading the course Earthquake, by the California Academy of Sciences. "What are earthquakes? Find out in this online course, a collaboration between KQED and the California Academy of Sciences developed to complement the Academy’s exhibit, Earthquake: Life on a Dynamic Planet. These activities focus on how seismic processes, including earthquakes, shape Earth’s surface and directly impact people’s lives."

There are a lot of posts out there shining poor lights on Mormonism and Mitt. An interesting alternative read is the site Mormon Democrats. Their letter reply about Mormon progressives in the post Politics and Mormonism Q&A is an interesting read.

PRWatch has a pretty intense expose on privatization of the prison systems in Florida, and it’s republican enablers in Marco Rubio, Geo Group, and a Legacy of Corruption. It’s a complex, but interesting trail to follow the facts that have emerged.

And to end on something funny Jimmy Fallon’s "I’ve Seen Romney and I’ve Seen Bain" a YouTube must see.

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