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A Blonde ToenailTes had a tough week and ended back at UC Davis for tests and meds. Turns out she has a bad urinary track infection, had lost significant weight because she was hardly eating, and they found a new mast cell tumor on a rear mammary gland.

She’s doing a little better now, they’ve doubled her stomach medications, started her on antibiotics and she’s eating some human food. Won’t eat kibble, biscuits, and of her treats, any of the cookies we bake, chicken broth or chicken jerky — but will eat fresh cooked turkey/chicken breast, giblets, tuna in oil, and chicken liver. Vet said to give her what she’ll eat, and so we are, and she’s eating.

There’s been no more incontinence, and she’ll play, so were hoping a few more days on the antibiotics will have her back up to speed. The new tumor we’re not worried about. Vet says it’s in an easy to operate spot, but for now we can just watch it and see how she does. I kinda doubt we’ll be doing anything about it.

One of the student assistant vets took one look at her paws, and instead of taking about her long nails gushed "OMG, she has the cutest matching blonde toenails."

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