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A Creative Catharsis

Starting with a few political opinion pieces, since a lot of election retrospects have been going on, the Frank Rich piece in New York Magazine Fantasyland, Denial has poisoned the GOP and threatens the rest of the country too is a very partisan piece, that still manages to hit some interesting points. Media matters looks at it from a different point of view, and clearly blames Fox News in their Fox News’ Relationship With The GOP Is Under Fire After Electoral Losses. And lastly, Southern Poverty Law Center takes the bull by the horns in their Hate Watch post, For the Radical Right, Obama Victory Brings Fury and Fear.

Did like Cynical Girl’s post on Binders of Women, and the HR viewpoint of the blessings of binders.

The Ohio State University is looking at effects of Global Warming a very long time ago in their "Research and Innovation Communications" article on After Long-Ago Mass Extinction, Global Warming Hindered Species’ Recovery. It’s nicely linked for those of use who love to understand all the context of a posting.

Scholastic has a Q & A on The Vaccine Debate, A public health expert explains why some children remain unvaccinated — and why that puts all children’s health at risk, that you should pass on to every mother with young children.

Here’s one for designers, UX people and those who build software or anything else really for the public. Sharp Suits, a Creative Catharsis is visualization (sent in images) of worst client feedback, such as the image in this post.

Do you like to write poetry? Greeting cards? Love letters? Take a glance at the Shatoetry video, on how to use the unique compilation of pre-recorded words by William Shatner that can be mixed together to create "Shatisms".

Then there’s this mind blower, Honeybees can discriminate between Monet and Picasso paintings. If the abstracts a bit too much for you, it’s summed up nicely in Bees Can Tell a Monet From a Picasso (Can You?).

Another video, done superbly – Funny or Die Stages Postmodern Version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The premise, "What if critics wrote about school plays instead of Broadway productions?"

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