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My Corner of the World

My Corner of the World

Welcome to my updated office.

I’ve been working 100% remotely for quite a few years now, and really like it. My current contract is with Wellpoint, and they supply a laptop. Got a new monitor and keyboard for it over the holidays, and it’s there on the left.

The computer I’ve been using for several years just wasn’t able to keep up, it’s still using it’s older monitor, there in the middle. You can’t see it’s keyboard, since it stashes nicely under the cabinet under the desk.

With the amount of processing needed, high usage programs and constant remote windows open to places like the California Public Utilities Commission in San Francisco – where my other work laptop resides, within their firewall, it was struggling. Still use it for the CPUC job, and as a testing machine. Eventually will move it over with the server as another testing machine. But for now, still working on getting things off of it, and the CPUC software doesn’t play nicely with Windows 8 on the new machine.

Got the new HP machine and monitor about a month and a half ago, a very legitimate business expense, since I’m a 1099 worker working 100% from a home office. And really needed it. It’s the one on the right. When the old Vista machine is cleared and I finish my last few hours with the CPUC, the old monitor will become a dual monitor – one computer, two screens.

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