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The Grand-kids

2012 was one busy year

  • Worked 3 jobs for the majority of it
  • Went to North Carolina for the sweetie-pie Anna, our second grandchild’s birth
  • Tes made it through the year, many months past their best-case projections
  • Spent a lot of time at the UC Davis Animal Cancer Center
  • Lost our beloved front oak tree
  • Ran out of propane New Year’s Eve, evening (stove, dryer, heat, hot water)
  • Had a lot of visitors stay a bit (Mom, Dad, Barbara, David, Yvonne)
  • Did a bunch of web work for non-profits
  • Got off CalCOBRA, one month before we no longer qualified, and onto a policy through the Tech Agency who has Mark on Contract
  • Watched Mike and Pennie go ga-ga over the birth of their 1st adorable grandchild, Nolan
  • Paid our house off
  • Had some great holiday meals at the Brown’s
  • Did a lot of art/crafts, mostly glass fusing, metal work, faces on bark and beading
  • Turned 55, and started qualifying for senior discounts
  • Bought a few new pieces of art, including Yellowman, Derk Smit and Bertha Perrie.

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