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It’s the last push for holiday gifts and I thought I’d join the crowd offering gift suggestions with links.
Have a handicapped significant other? One of my favorite people representing accessibility issues is Glenda Watson Hyatt, known in the publishing world as the Left Thumb Blogger. On her blog she posted an excellent article on 7 Panic-Free Gift Ideas for Women with Disabilities. The greatest thing about this post is suggestion number 7. "Check out these tips on adapting adult toys".

Food is always a good gift. Whether from your kitchen or not, everyone enjoys good food. Some of the traditional food senders are: Cushman’s Fruit Company, Wolferman’s Gourmet Bakery, Harry & David, Shari’s Berries, or Omaha Steaks. For something a little different try: My M&M’s, The Food Network, La Tienda, Home Bistro (ready to heat and serve meals that are great), or Rent Mother Nature.

If you’ve read my blog, you know how I feel about giving back. There are all kinds of places you can donate to in honor of your recipient and send a card letting them know they’ve helped <fill in the blank>. Some of the not-quite-so-usual places are: Charity Water, Bring Joy to a Refugee Child with a Stuffed Toy (link is through the Universal Giving site, which offers a wide choice of places to gift through), or see my post on Time to Think of Others. There are also donation gift catalogs like Heifer International, Oxfam Unwrapped, Los Angeles Zoo,and World Vision.

You can also donate with out spending money and invite your friends and family to participate in a community fund-raising or food event. Gather at your house to pass out home made cards and hot chocolate before heading out, and it’ll be a holiday they remember forever and you don’t have to pay for a gift.

To really get into the holiday spirit, try giving an anonymous gift that saves lives. Go to your local blood bank or any local blood drive and enjoy the cookies after you give a bit of blood. Other great family life savers include gifting the family with a disaster plan, car window breakers/seatbelt cutters, and items like those thin reflective emergency blankets to keep in the car.

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