About Us

All 3 of UsWe’re Mark, Susan and Tes, the Ridgeback, and we all live in Shingle Springs California, in the same house going on 19 years. Not much else to say about us.

We have a large, loving, diverse extended family spanning the continent, and try to visit, Skype, email, and talk as often as possible.

You can see our art in a pretty random fashion on our little business site. We’re addicted to art in most forms and continually working on something. We also do a lot of non-profit web work in the moments we’re not working, gardening, and doing art, through our little business site. The most recently completed non-profit project was Asante Africa, and working currently on The Cloverdale Arts Alliance and a site for my sister.

We’re proud grandparents/parents of Jackson Jones/Rachel Jones who live in Hampstead North Carolina with our son-in-law Bill Jones. Jackson is a "pistol" and he talks to us over Skype.